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UPLIFTT | March 1, 2015

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December 6, 2014 |

All you poor devils saying that all this harassment and arrests of Black and Latino men aren’t about race are sadly delusional. I live in Williamsburg. Hipster mecca. Meaning, most likely there are more drugs being sold and consumed here … Read More

The Privilege of White Hispanic II: Facts, Stats, and Cognitive Dissonance

September 22, 2014 | 5

Perhaps I should’ve written this piece before the other one. Which turned out to be extremely polarizing, and controversial to some (really?), but that was my intention. I expected the outrage from a lot of people. I even wrote … Read More

Dear @HuffPostLive: #HireALatinoHost

September 5, 2014 |

Dear Huff Post Live,

I think I might be too militant for you. You considered me for a second to be on a segment about Latino diversity (or lack thereof) along with Raúl De Molina. [You read that … Read More

Cheech the Chicano Champion in Chicano Multimedia

August 27, 2014 |

Oh, Cheech Marin. That one Mexican stoner guy from the Cheech & Chong film series…WRONG. He is a Chicano Film Pioneer. He’s been in featured films like Lion King, Spy Kids, Cars, and Machete. Also, in TV series such as … Read More

Alt Control Delete: Interview with Ramón Govea

August 7, 2014 |

In the spirit of profiling our most promising up-and-coming talent, here’s an interesting (and telling) interview with California-born Mexican comic book aficionado and creator, Ramón Govea. The man decided to tackle with his work what we here at UPLIFTT … Read More

Dear First Lady

July 11, 2014 |

Here is my issue with the assumption that Mrs. Obama is making about Latinos- it comes from my experience as a Latina being raised in this country:

As a Mexicana raised by a single-mother of four, education has been … Read More