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UPLIFTT | December 16, 2017

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Baktun and the Asexual Indigenous People

Baktun and the Asexual Indigenous People
César Vargas

If you’ve heard of Baktun, the first Mayan telenovela made in Mexico, then you aware of how squeaky-clean it is due to one of the most nefarious and culturally atrophying philosophies known to mankind: conservatism.  According to The New York Times: “The passionate love scenes that are a staple of the genre were reduced [in Baktun], bowing to conservative local sensibilities, to a few pecks on the cheek and hand-holding as innocent as junior high schoolers on a first date.”

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Man, I am having such a hard time accepting this. On one hand, I am happy that indigenous folks got their own novela and they’re showing real people. On the other hand, this ‘asexualization’ of indigenous folks goes hand in hand with the notion that brown folks are undesirable. As if they didn’t have sex. As if they don’t find each other attractive enough.

I have seen soft porn scenes of telenovelas that are shown during the time kids are up and some people might even have their kids present watching it as well. It’s usually the blonde and “beautiful” people making passionate love while the viewers swoon. Are indigenous people not swoon material? Why reduce them to this level of asexuality? You know where else that’s done? The American market with African American women and Asian men. We shouldn’t keep doing this. We’re better than this. Throw a little meat with that bone next time. If you don’t, we will eventually bite your hand.

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